La Ressourcerie AAA | Volunteer (Orléans, FR)
This NPO aims at reducing trashes by collecting, refurbishing, reselling and raising awareness. Acting like an ESS, it hires people in the need to return progressively in the professional life and runs four “Second hand” local shops in the metropolitan area.



L’Adéenne du Sport | Pro-Bono (Gers, FR)
The academy delivers a global solution to guide and assist profesional clubs and future executives on their way to upgrade their performances relying on sustainable approaches in the whole country.



L’Escale Combleux | Member (Loiret, FR)
Recent NPO aiming to build up a collaborative place presenting touristic, cultural and inclusive services (Third-Place) , refurbishing a site at the edges of the Loire.



Common Cents | Connector (Paris)
Providing the entertainment industry with a social impact is the watchword for this fundraising organization. Based on charity donation over tickets sales, CC designs CSR programs to run responsible policies for brands, venues, operators and rights holders.


Crowdfarming | Happy Customer
One-a-kind platform making a more circular and responsible world by shortcutting food channels and opening boundaries of tropical fruits.