This page features an introduction to several valuable profesionals who have strongly inspired me through various common achievements. He does include the following individuals: Antony THIODET (Added Value) – Marshall GLICKMAN (G2 Strategic) – Lionel MALTESE (Kedge Business School) – Brian GAINOR (GMR Marketing) – Eric SMALLWOOD (Front Row Marketing Services) – Alex FERRER (Euroleague Basket-Ball)



Antony did  manage ASVEL Basket and the Lyon Arena project for the last ten years.  Former Adidas Soccer Marketing Manager in Europe, he was appointed Managing Director of Occade sport (which became a subsidiary of CANAL+) as long as coordinating ASVEL operations. During this time, he modified the whole organization into a top professional club with strong marketing revenues, new policy of youth basketball development and won 1 national championship and 2 domestic cups. He also created a foundation (ACES) dedicated to community programs and a non-profit educational organization (GSF). I was offered a position in 2009 at his side and collaborate with him more than 2 years.




Former NBA Media Sales Director and Portland Trail Blazers President, he is now running its own corporation G2 Strategic and has served as a consultant to a range of clients linked with some of the greatest projects in the world (New stadium of Roland Garros, Many Sports Franchises, ATP Tournaments, etc.)
Marshall has been part of the implementation of a new Ticketing Program for ASVEL Basket after advising the Euroleague and developing significantly new revenues and attendance.
He has been lately conducting the Lyon Arena project.





malteseLionel MALTESE
Professor at the University Aix-Marseille (CERGAM Laboratory IAE Aix en Provence) and Master’s Program Coordinator at Euromed Marseille, has became a scholar of Sport Event and is currently working on various ATP Tournament (Open13 Open de Nice Côte d’Azur) with Pampelonne Organisation.
He really inspired me, all along the master’s program and during the period of my final paper’s research.





He is sport marketer at GMRMarketing & the founder of the outstanding website Partnership Activation, a great resource of marketing insights, focusing on activation tactics and New Media. Brian made himself available to discuss and share experiences on business practices when I was writing my final paper.  I would encourage everyone interested in Sport Business to glance at his website, you will find very cool and innovative concepts.




Eric is Senior Vice-President of Front Row Marketing Services, division of the facility management firm Global Spectrum and part of Comcast Spectator. Eric and Front Row are specialized in Contractually Obligated Income for venues and team sports (Naming Rights, Sponsorship Evaluation, Advertising, etc).
Eric supported us for the design of the market research dedicated to the development of premium seating offer for the Lyon Arena.




EUROLEAGUE Basket-Ball, through its CEO Jordi Bertomeu, does a tremendous job promoting and raising basketball to the level where it brings incredible value to fans, sponsors and local markets. Thanks to a great mix between the top level of basketball right after the NBA and the necessary development of a specific model, they have built in a few years an outstanding product, definitely aiming at providing new real opportunities for many stakeholders. Working closely with them through the participation of ASVEL Basket in the Euroleague & Eurocup, I can testify that they (Alex Ferrer & Julien Vigand – Brand Department) stand for a high controlled league where every features make sense in order to protect and optimize a strong league from a business point of view.